Export Certification Services

Provision of qualified Official Veterinarians (OVs)


HallMark supplies OCQ(V) - EX (Exports General) and OCQ(V) and PX (Product Exports) Veterinarians for export certification.

OVs play an important role in ensuring the fulfilment of international obligations, including meeting UK legal and political responsibilities, establishing and maintaining the reputation of the UK in relation to trade controls and certification, disease control and the control of illegal trade and fraud. They ensure that the requirements of the importing country are satisfied, and that veterinary ethics and the reputation of the veterinary profession are maintained. They must verify the identity, origin and health status of the consignment and provide the reassurance that animal welfare is protected during the export process.



The purpose of export certification is to control the spread of disease, to ensure that the consignment is identifiable and that there is certainty that the correct animal or product is being exported, to reassure our trade partners that the export is healthy and safe and to safeguard public health.

We recognise that businesses trading internationally sometimes need help and support. That is why HallMark offers practical and tailored business support. Our consultancy services involve a dedicated specialist who will support your business.

BREXIT: The United Kingdom’s plan to leave the European Union

If an agreement is reached, there will be a limited period of time, referred to as a "transition" or "implementation" period, during which trade – including with non-EU countries with which the EU has negotiated veterinary/trade agreements – will continue as is until a new partnership or trade agreement is negotiated between the UK and the EU. In the case of a deal, the transition/implementation period is expected to be the period of time between the UK's exit from the EU and 31st December 2020 (or possibly later).

A "no-deal scenario" is one where the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement or framework for a future partnership in place. In this case, exports to the EU will be replaced by export under non-EU country rules. The extent to which exports can proceed, and the type of certification and testing requirements for companion animals will depend on the "third country listing" applied to the UK by the EU.

For more information about our export certification services including provision of OVs and consultancy services, please contact us on inspections@hallmarkvcs.com