Provision of Farm Inspector Resource

Defra Agencies

Diego Sprekelsen

“In September 2014 we were appointed by Defra for the provision of Augmentation of Farm Inspection Resource across England. This required the completion of 1200 on-farm inspections, before the EU deadline of December 2014. Alongside this tight timeframe, the work had to be of an extremely high level of quality and accuracy to satisfy EU audit scrutiny.

We designed and implemented an innovative IT tool to manage the complexity of the entire inspection process and also to give The Rural Payments Agency real time information. It was put in place in 8 weeks and provided substantial efficiencies and benefits, allowing us to complete all inspections on time and to budget. Further inspection work was assigned to us in 2015.”

Diego Sprekelsen, Head of Delivery

From September 2014 HallMark was successfully nominated the sole supplier under the Framework Agreement with Defra and its Agencies for the provision of Augmentation of Farm Inspector Resource.

Under this framework, the Agency requires HallMark to complete a range of on-farm compliance inspections in line with EU and UK legislation. These inspections need to be completed following very tight deadlines and with sufficient quality and accuracy to withstand EU Audit scrutiny. Clients include the Defra Agencies such as the Rural Payment Agency (RPA), Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and Natural England (NE)

Given the performance and quality of inspections undertaken by HallMark, the Authority requested HallMark to undertake further inspection activity in addition to the scope outlined in the Initial Requirements.

“The flexibility HallMark have afforded us has been invaluable in maintaining both our regulatory obligations and good customer service. I look forward to working with you going forward.”
Mark Grimshaw, CEO Rural Payments Agency

Feed Inspection Services

There are roughly 200,000 animal feed businesses, which contribute £4.4 billion to the economy each year.

Feed businesses range from small shops disposing of surplus food to a feed mill producing 600,000 tonnes of feed. Feed businesses are required by law to have systems in place that identify risks to the safety of their products and prevent these from occurring. This can range from steps to prevent vermin, contamination and spoilage to paperwork systems that can quickly trace where ingredients have been bought and final products sold. In their capacity as enforcement bodies for feed hygiene legislation, local authorities support businesses to help them comply with the law, undertake surveillance activities to identify problems and take appropriate enforcement action.

HallMark is working closely in partnership with Food and Farming Compliance (FFC) in delivering Feed Inspections for Councils.

The HallMark-FFC partnership provides appropriately qualified and competent resources for implementing the feed delivery service for Councils in compliance with the FSA Feed Law Practice Guidance. FFC are experienced training providers, with particular focus on providing enforcement training on official feed/food hygiene controls and animal health/welfare. Their role includes the provision of expert advice regarding feed and food enforcement and assistance with ongoing CPD and training for Feed and Food Authorised Officers.

Scotland’s Rural College

HallMark provides Inspections services on arms and at shows and sales for Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) in Scotland, England and Wales, as part of the Premium Sheep & Goat Health Scheme. Inspections are an integral part of the Maedi Visna (MV) and Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) accreditation process and the aim is to show no contact between accredited and non-accredited stock at any time.

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