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Farm Inspections

The Rural Payments Agency

Diego Sprekelsen

“In September 2014 we were appointed by The Rural Payments Agency for the provision of Augmentation of Farm Inspection Resource across England. This required the completion of 1200 on-farm inspections, before the EU deadline of December 2014. Alongside this tight timeframe, the work had to be of an extremely high level of quality and accuracy to satisfy EU audit scrutiny.

We designed and implemented an innovative IT tool to manage the complexity of the entire inspection process and also to give The Rural Payments Agency real time information. It was put in place in 8 weeks and provided substantial efficiencies and benefits, allowing us to complete all inspections on time and to budget. Further inspection work was assigned to us in 2015.”
Diego Sprekelsen, Head of Delivery

HallMark rapidly deploys skilled, multidisciplinary, nationwide field assessment teams to deliver a range of on farm compliance inspections.

Our teams are supported by HMX, our custom-built platform for managing inspections, based on tried and tested operational experience working for government agencies in farm inspection. The system provides real time data to clients from multiple inspections in the field.

We believe solutions lie with more joined up intelligent compliance services – reducing duplication in the system, integrating requirements and backing it all up with operationally focused IT solutions.

Clients include: Defra, The Rural Payments Agency and Natural England

“The flexibility HallMark have afforded us has been invaluable in maintaining both our regulatory obligations and good customer service. I look forward to working with you going forward.”
Mark Grimshaw, CEO Rural Payments Agency


Based in Galicia in north-western Spain, Coren is a co-operative working with over 3,000 family partners. They specialise in poultry – laying hens and broilers - and pig production. They produce 40% of all the agricultural products in Spain’s biggest agricultural region. Just under half of their production is exported.

The business wanted to ensure that their farms are working to recognisable welfare standards. HallMark, in partnership with Partners in Welfare, have now benchmarked Coren’s pig productions standards against Red Tractor and from this have developed Coren welfare standards. Coren pig farms are now monitored by HallMark, deploying a team of Spanish speaking vets, visiting farms in the co-operative on a random, unannounced basis to check they are compliant.

As part of the project, we are also providing Coren with bi-lingual paperwork for all their farms, aiming to improve communication in the multi-lingual environment in which they operate.

“Hallmark have provided us with exceptional support that will help us tremendously with our export customers. Working with Partners in Welfare, Hallmark have provided us with the ability to demonstrate to our customers absolute transparency in terms of our production standards. Their multi lingual staff, expertise in compliance and innovative approach to certification has added genuine value to our business”.
Albano Longo, Product Development Director