Official Controls in Abattoirs

Supply of Official Auxiliary Meat Inspection Services in Northern Ireland

HallMark has a contract with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) for the supply of Meat Inspection services in Northern Ireland.

The primary role of the Meat Inspector is to act as an Official Auxiliary to assist the Official Veterinarian with a wide range of inspection and verification tasks required to ensure and secure compliance with the food hygiene legislation governing the production and further handling of meat for human consumption. 

While the bulk of the work involves on-line inspection of meat, there are also compliance checks on general conditions of production, storage and dispatch of meat, both fresh and manufactured.  The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the “Competent Authority” with regard to food hygiene legislation and the Veterinary Service Animal Health Group (VSAHG) delivers the inspection, audit, verification and enforcement on the Agency’s behalf.

The Meat Inspector (Official Auxiliary) is also individually authorised under appropriate legislation to sample meat for the presence of residues and to carry out animal identification checks, which will assist the Official Veterinarian to establish the eligibility of animals for human consumption.  Meat Inspectors are additionally involved in disease and animal welfare surveillance duties.  They may also be required to supervise food premises to facilitate veterinary certification for export trade.  These duties are delivered for DAERA areas of competence.

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