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Official Controls in Abattoirs

Enrique Vega

“Official Controls in the UK is a challenging task, but full of variety and very stimulating for young professionals who want to grow with a business such as HallMark. I believe that a business is only as good as every individual working for it and to foster excellence in every individual, we need to give them our full support every day. I know how important this is from my early days as an OV and I am totally committed to providing that for each and every member of our frontline team.”
Enrique Vega, Veterinary Director

We have been providing official controls in UK abattoirs since 2002.

As well as understanding and managing the sometimes challenging relationships involved in the delivery of UK and European legislation, our technical expertise includes food hygiene and animal welfare at slaughter.

With highly scalable and efficient processes, we deliver a professional and cost effective service for the FSA and FSS, attending abattoirs (FBOs) and supporting them to achieve the required levels of compliance. Our vets work with over 150 FBOs as veterinary managers, technical specialists, frontline official veterinarians (OVs) and meat hygiene inspectors (MHIs).

John Gerard

“The creation of Food Standards Scotland has required very substantial input from both the management team in Scotland and from all our individual OVs and MHIs. I am delighted by everyone’s enthusiasm and commitment. We now have a very solid base to build on in Scotland moving forward. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed leading our recent expansion into provision of MHI resource in Ireland and am optimistic that we will grow as a company into other similar opportunities in the near future.”
Sandy Duncan, Veterinary Director

Clients include: FSA and FSS

For more information about Official Controls in Abattoirs and our work with the FSA, or if you have a specific requirement please contact us.