Other services

On Farm Kill, including handling, culling, removal of carcases and provision of post mortem examination facilities, and carcase disposal services
Carcase Collection Services
Slaughtermen – Captive Bolt Services


We have formed a wide range of partnerships with a number of third parties, intending to combine our organisational strengths with their capacity, in order to give the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) quick access to a comprehensive range of service solutions that exceed qualification, experience and compliance requirements

For more information about other services and how to become an approved knacker’s yard subcontractor please contact us on apha.support@hallmarkvcs.com


The Animal Health & Technical Support Services Framework (Including Daily Routine Work and Outbreak/Incident Support)

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) has appointed HallMark to supply Technical support services for business as usual purposes, as well as responding to animal disease outbreaks and incidents for different Geographical Regions across England, Wales and Scotland. Other organisations within the core Defra Group, Welsh Government and Scottish Government may also call off from the Framework. HallMark is the only delivery partner that holds the contract to provide support services under all 21 lots, including:

  • - Lot 1 Agricultural Valuation Services
  • - Lot 2 – Expert Valuation Services
  • - Lot 3 – Monitor Valuation Services
  • - Lot 4 – Rate Cards/Table Values
  • - Lot 5 On Site Capture – Poultry Catching Services
  • - Lot 6 – Droving/Herding Services and Animal Handling Equipment
  • - Lot 7 Culling Services – Captive Bolt Guns
  • - Lot 8 Culling Services - Free Bullet Marksmen
  • - Lot 9 Tranquilising/Sedating Service - Dart Gun Operators (DGOs)
  • - Lot 10 Containerised Gassing Unit Services
  • - Lot 11 – On Farm Handling, Culling, Removal of Carcase and Provision of Post Mortem Examination Facilities (where required) and Carcase Disposal
  • - Lot 12 Novel Depopulation
  • - Lot 13 - General Transportation
  • - Lot 14 Incineration & Mobile Incineration
  • - Lot 15 – Rendering
  • - Lot 16 - ADR Transport
  • - Lot 17 – Live Animal Transport
  • - Lot 18 Carriers for moving animals or birds which are illegally landed or are suspected of being infected with (or have been exposed) to any disease as directed by The Authority or other Contracting Body
  • - Lot 19 - Lairage Facilities
  • - Lot 20 – Supply of Gases for APHA Owned Containerised Gassing Units
  • - Lot 21 – Flexible Packaging/Containment Systems

For more information about these services and how to become an approved subcontractors through HallMark please contact us on apha.support@hallmarkvcs.com


TB Reactor Removal Framework with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (Probita Solutions Ltd.)

Probita Solutions Ltd., a joint venture company owned by HallMark and XL Farmcare UK, holds a contract with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) for the removal of bovine and non-bovine TB reactors from farm to slaughterhous. The Reactor Removal Framework, requires the collection, slaughter, salvage and disposal of TB reactors for disease control purposes. In order to fulfil the service, we work with a network of slaughterhouses and transportation services in the UK.

For more information about the reactor removal service and become an approve abattoir please contact us on tbreactors@hallmarkvcs.com